The Witch and the Angel do not discriminate

Petru's beautiful horse


It has puzzled me for a long time as to why the witch Birscha (in The Fairy of the Dawn story) seems to have aided, not only Petru (our hero) but also his brothers, who wished to steal the ‘water of life’ which had been so hard won. They were prepared to kill him for the power this water would give them over the Emperor their father and the whole land.

Many years ago, an elderly Sufi teacher told me that the Angels do not discriminate; this was why anyone (even the mafia) could pray to Angels and expect their help. Angels are beyond the so-called rights and wrongs of humanity – for them there is no heaven and there is no hell. Thus, the angelic beings must come to earth, to learn about evil – so as to discriminate between good and evil. The angelic beings on earth are therefore faced with great evil, so that they can learn. I found this very comforting as it gave meaning to my own encounter with Evil. Evil is Live spelt backwards so that it is indeed about death, death of body and soul.

The witch Birscha taught Petru so that he could manifest his beautiful and magical horse to guide and advise him on his journey. It was with his horse that he was able to find the sacred water from the well of the Fairy of the Dawn. On his return, he is advised by the Goddess Mercury, to trust no one. This Goddess had previously given Petru a magic device so that he could see and hear what was happening back home with his father, the Emperor. He knew but did not want to believe that his brothers were trying to overthrow their father. He was so upset by this that he smashed the magic device. It was Birscha who told Petru’s brothers that he was returning home with the Water of life. Why did she do that? In pondering this I realised that Petru’s denial of what he had been shown was his last weakness, the last lesson that he had to learn; to distrust even the brothers whom he loved. To heed the warning of the Goddess and his intuition and not be lead astray at the very last minute of his journey.

It was only when he heard the neigh of his beautiful horse, his inner teacher, that he came to his senses and so managed to avoid his own death and destruction, and the loss of his prize, the sacred water. With this he returned to heal his Father and the whole Kingdom.

There is a higher and greater purpose which the Witch and the Angel serve.

2 thoughts on “The Witch and the Angel do not discriminate

  1. Nawab

    Dear Nuria, thank you for your wholehearted exploration of mind and spirit!
    Regarding Petru’s destruction of the magic device, it recalls Hazrat Inayat Khan’s observation that it takes preparation to rise to a state in which one can see something of the inner workings. Not everyone could endure seeing the fates of their friends and family, for example. But the brothers also represent aspects of one person–of Petru–and we do tend to harbour blind spots.

  2. Nawab

    And a further thought, about your opening question: why does the witch help the brothers? There may be a clue in this saying from Gayan:
    Whichever path you choose, the right or the wrong,
    know that there is at the back always
    a powerful hand to help you along it.

    So, the question for the seeker would be, perhaps: what is that powerful hand?


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