Trust No-One

 Petru's beautiful horse

This essay is in response to Murshid Nawab’s comment regarding Petru’s destruction of the magical communication device, in the story ‘Fairy of the Dawn’. As Nawab says – its takes time and preparation to rise to a state where we are able to bear or endure seeing the fates of loved ones, be they family or friends, but the most important aspect, as Nawab mentioned, is for us to see our own blind spots, especially the ones we really love! We so often don’t want to see them, even if we can. These rejected parts of ourselves, of our egos, are represented by Petru’s brothers, in the story of the Fairy of the Dawn. They are fearful, cowardly and have not got the discipline, tools, or strength to fight the fiery dragon at the edge of the realm. But they are also greedy and want the sacred water for themselves – without doing any of the inner ‘work’ of course. On his journey Petru sees how his brothers are trying to influence their father the emperor for their own purpose, and how the Emperor himself is becoming increasingly blind. When our small self or ego gains in power then the Higher Self loses its insight and its ability to hear the Voice within, even while another part of ourselves is on the inner journey. It is extremely difficult for us to ‘see’ and recognise when it is a part of yourself, who is sabotaging you.  Our inner and outer life, do influence one-another and it is in contemplation and meditation that we come to realise what is really happening – both inner and outer.

But it is on Petru’s return journey, carrying the sacred water of life from the Fairy of the dawn, that the Goddess Mercury warns him, to ‘Trust No-one’. When he returns to his own land – back into the world again, he is so happy to see his brothers and does not realise that they would do anything to harm him, even kill him, in order to steal this precious water of life.

There is a saying ‘After Enlightenment, the laundry’, but I wonder if there really is any ‘after the enlightenment’. Enlightenment is a gradual process and I do not think that many would feel truly enlightened on their deathbed. Sufis prefer to talk about evolution – about the process of perfecting ourselves. This is never finished in our lifetime – only the One is perfect. Jung has said that evolution is not linear, but is a circumambulating around the higher Self (the Divine part of ourselves).

Just as Christ, experienced temptation after his baptism, it seems to me that when there is a transition to a higher level of evolution or consciousness, there is a temptation to use the newfound wisdom and insight we have learned, for the purposes of the ego.

The ultimate Ideals for a Christian are Truth, Beauty, and goodness (spirituality), which are related to Faith, Hope and Love. So it is also with Sufism. The ‘Devil’ who tempts Christ, tempts him with Hedonism (hunger and satisfaction), egoism (might and power) and materialism (wealth). When Christ refused each temptation, the Devil departed.

Petru was protected from everything except the element of water, which is what he was carrying on his return. So his brothers realised that water would be the only element which could kill him. When we carry within us the sacred water we have won, the ego or small self wants to use that to its own advantage. We can see this sometimes in people, teachers or Gurus who give in to this. Their very spirituality is used by their ego to promote themselves. Spiritual ego is really the worst kind of ego as it is so deluded. So the truth is that we can trust no-one!

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