Unlocking the hidden spiritual truths in fairy tales; and their profound effect on the life of a modern day seeker.

‘The Witch as Teacher in Fairy Tales’  by Nuria Daly has now been published.

This book provides a unique way of understanding the deep mystical meaning, hidden in the depths of many fairy tales and how these insights can be applied to the lives of modern day seekers of truth. In this we discover the crucial role and person of the teacher, often disguised as the ‘witch’ representing the external teacher, as well as the ‘horse’ representing the psychopomp as well as the internalised teachings which guide us on our journey. We have a realisation of the quest or journey itself and the great battles we have to fight to overcome the demons and dragons deep within us. We gain from the mastery we achieve when using the tools or spiritual practices including sound, which we have learned from our teachers. We explore the inner realms of the creative imagination – the Alam al Mithal, and our common crucial purpose of finding and integrating the great Creative Feminine – of Sophia the Wise and Beautiful, without which the King (in Sufi terms the Heart), cannot rule.